How can you wash your swimwear the best way when you use the washing machine? A few handy tips!

The summer is over! Time to wash your swimwear in the washing machine. How do you prevent your swimwear from getting worn out quickly? How do you keep the bright colours of your swimwear? And so on. In this article we give you tips to keep your swimwear beautiful and still wash it on a regular basis. After all, your swimwear is already heavy enough during a visit to the sea or the swimming pool. The pool is full of chemicals, of which chlorine is an example. Chlorine causes discoloration of swimwear, which process can be accelerated by the sun.

  • To keep your swimwear fresh, the presence of chemicals makes it smart to wash your swimwear regularly. Did you know that sunscreen can also contribute to the discoloration of your swimwear?

Preventing discolouration of swimwear

Reduce the risk of discolouration of your swimwear by lubricating before putting on your swimwear. This will prevent the sunscreen from penetrating into your swimwear and causing accelerated discolouration. It is a good idea to rinse the chemicals from the pool or sea out of your swimwear as soon as possible. After swimming, soak your swimwear briefly in a bucket of lukewarm water to remove the worst chlorine or salt from the swimwear. We would like to advice you to check out this page in order to find the best machines for this.

Washing swimwear in the washing machine

However, keeping your swimwear fresh is not only possible by regularly rinsing it with water. After all, you also want to give your bathing suit or bikini a fresh scent! You can find out how to wash your swimwear on the wash label in your swimsuit. It is not always possible to wash swimwear in a washing machine. Sometimes you need to do this by hand! Use a fine detergent to prevent wear and tear on the clothes.

  • If you wash your swimwear in the washing machine, it is advisable to do so at low rpm and low temperature. This will reduce the risk of damage to your laundry. The use of a washing machine in a launderette on the campsite is often unwise. These campsites are of much lower quality than the best washing machines you can buy in the Netherlands.

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