How can you find the perfect bookkeeper in your region without paying to much?

The time that entrepreneurs spend on administration is on average around 16 hours a month. The most annoying thing when people are busy with boekhouder zoeken en gratis offertes aanvragen is that they don’t know the exact price of each bookkeeper. Many entrepreneurs who do their own bookkeeping do not even realize that they secretly spend so much time on it. These are all hours that come at the expense of the core business of the company. That is why here are 3 golden tips to save time on your accounting. Especially when it comes to finding a boekhouder in Groningen or a boekhouder in Haarlem it could be quite hard to find a reasonable price.


1. Keep it up to date

Always keep an overview. By keeping your administration well, you prevent you from seeing the forest for the trees and sometimes spending hours, if not days, on your bookkeeping. Moreover, you can send your debtors invoices or reminders on time, so that they can pay you again on time. With current accounting you also have a better view of the payment behavior of your customers and you can take that into account. You are even obliged to keep your accounting up to date: if you fall behind in VAT months you run the risk of getting a fine.

2. Always keep all your invoices digitally

With an organized digital archive you ensure that your invoices cannot be lost and, moreover, you can search documents digitally much faster than if you have to plow through folders with piles of papers. Moreover, you can give your colleagues or accountant easy access to this digital archive and thus collaborate even more efficiently.

3. Outsource your accounting

It sounds logical that you save time, but of course outsourcing your accounting is also an investment. It is a consideration that you have to make. Keep in mind that many entrepreneurs often do the administration in the evenings and weekends. Outsourcing your accounting can therefore give a lot of peace. You also prevent mistakes, because as an entrepreneur you do not have all the knowledge in-house. In addition, you save a lot of time by outsourcing your accounting, because an accountant has just a few more tricks, making it all faster and easier. Up-to-date accounting also yields much more profit than costs for outsourcing these operations.

When you choose to outsource your accounting, always make sure that you are involved in the accounting by your accountant and have online insight. It is important that you see and understand what money flows in and out and that you can anticipate developments in time.

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